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3 Weight Loss Myths Debunked!

Hey everyone! Hope the workout is going well, you’ll be following it for another week so I hope you’re enjoying it. Next week we’ll be mixing in some new exercises to keep challenging your muscles so those changes continue to happen. 


This week I wanted to talk a bit more about weight loss. If you followed the Clean Eating plan last month maybe you saw some weight loss, maybe not. But this month we’re going to dig into a bit about how you can eat clean and lose weight, and also about some of the weight loss myths out there and how to find a weight loss plan that works for you.


So for anyone who’s diet was less than stellar in December (ahem me for instance), just getting the junk out of your food plan was probably enough to see at least a few pounds of weight loss, am I right? But what if you were good over the holidays and didn’t eat much sugar or drink too much? Maybe your diet was already pretty clean to begin with, or you cleaned up your diet and lost a bit of weight but then you plateaued? What do you do now? Well there’s a few more tricks to losing weight than just eating the right foods. But there’s also a lot of myths surrounding what to eat and why. Let’s go through some of them:

1. Cutting out certain food groups for weight loss 

This one is probably the most common one out there right now, from Keto to Vegan to Paleo to Fat Free to the Carnivore Diet, there are lots of diets out there claiming to be the answer to quick and painless weight loss. And sure, most of them will work in the short term to help you lose weight. But most of these in the long term or either not sustainable or just down right unhealthy. First logical question to ask yourself when starting a diet of any sort is “Am I cutting out foods I love?” If you can think of nothing more enjoyable than a warm loaf of fresh bread then chances are you will crave bread on a no or very low carb diet no? And chances are even better that once you’ve completed your weight loss on this diet that you will eventually go back to eating bread. When that inevitably happens, what happens to the weight loss you had with no carbs? It starts coming back on fast! My first rule of long lasting weight loss is NEVER do anything in your diet that you know you won’t maintain afterwards. If you love carbs you need to learn how to eat them in a way you can be at a healthy weight and still enjoy them. That amount will be different for everybody but if you just cut them out completely you never learn how to eat them in a healthy way, and once you lose weight you will eat them the way you always have and poof! The weight comes back on.

2. Not eating the right amount of calories for your activity level 

So you start a weight loss and exercise program and everything is going well. You’re working out 5 days a week and eating healthy foods 5 to 6 times a day and you’re never hungry. At first you lose weight and feel great but after a month or so the weight loss slows to a crawl or stops completely. Why? One of the reasons is you’re probably eating too many calories to lose weight. Your body starts to adapt to the amount and type of exercise you’re doing and uses less calories to get the workout done. You also need less calories to sustain your body because you dropped some weight and your BMR (resting metabolism) went down because of it. Weight loss does require a calorie deficit plain and simple. And you will need to readjust it every month or so to compensate.


But sometimes it could be you’re eating too few calories. When you regularly eat less than 1200 calories your body goes into starvation mode. When this happens your body does a few things; one, it hangs on to every bit of body fat it can to prevent you from starving to death. Second, it starts to eat your muscle tissue to use for fuel which lowers your metabolism. Third, it messes with your hormones, especially leptin and cortisol, which cause you to hang on to fat even more.

3. The Magic Pill 

Everyone’s seen or tried a diet where all you need to do is drink this shake or take this pill and the weight will just fall off! But has it ever really worked? And even if it has does it last? The answer of course is no. We all want a quick fix when it comes to losing weight, I mean if we could go to sleep one night and wake up thinner the next day that’s the dream right? But the rule usually is if it took a month to put on, it will take at least that long to take off, that is if you want to keep it off. Plus the fact of the matter is, anything you do to lose weight you will have to do to keep the weight off. So for instance, if you drank 2 shakes a day to take the weight off, if you aren’t having at least one shake everyday to replace a meal then that weight is going to come back on. There is no easy way to lose weight, it takes consistency and hard work.


So in the next few weeks I’ll be digging in to some popular weight loss programs and giving you a bit more information on the good and the bad. That will be leading into me trying out some weight loss programs to see how easy they are to follow, how healthy they are and if they live up to their claims. I’ll also be posting my daily meal plans for each one so you can follow along as well. Have a great week!


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