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30 Day Ab Challenge Stretches

plus 17 Day Diet Week 2 Update!


Hi everyone!


Hope your week’s been productive. The second week of the ab challenge was a little more difficult, a hint of things to come! I for one am loving the quick format as much as I love the original 5 week Flat Ab challenge we did back in December. This 30 Day version is a little more user friendly 🙂


Now that the reps are going up I thought it would be good to post some of my favorite low back and ab stretches that keep my core healthy. I would recommend you do these after every core workout, especially during the next few weeks.


Knees to Chest


Seated Twist

Modified Cobra


17 Day Diet Week 2


So I finished week 2 of the 17 Day Diet and it wasn’t without it’s challenges. At the beginning of the week I was ridiculously hungry, I literally couldn’t get enough food! My stomach seemed to want more food even after I’d just finished eating! At first I was wondering if it was a side effect of being so low carb for so long and working out. But by Tuesday the answer was clear: I had started my period. I’m always ravenous right before my period starts and usually have MAJOR sugar cravings!!


But the diet actually addresses this, they call it the PMS exemption. Once you’re PMS starts, from then until your period ends you and have up to 3 servings of starchy carbs a day, you can eat lean beef (for the extra iron) and soy foods (for the estrogen) AND most importantly, you can have up to 1 oz. of dark chocolate per day! Yummmmmm!!!


So here’s what week 2 looked like with the PMS exemption:



Breakfast- Regular Coffee with 1 tbsp. Half and Half + 1 tsp. Honey + 2 tbsp. collagen with 1 cup fresh juice with apple, celery, kale, and carrot + 1 scoop prebiotic fiber


Lunch – 2 eggs + ¼ cup Egg Whites with 1 cup sauteed veggies – still loving it!


Dinner – Taco Salad – 1 lb. Ground Turkey or Chicken, ½ jar salsa, ½ tsp. salt and pepper, 1 onion diced, 2 cloves garlic minced, 1 tsp. Cumin, 1 tsp. Olive oil. Brown the ground turkey in 1 tsp. olive oil then remover from pan. Add onions and garlic and cook until soft. Add salsa, cumin and salt and pepper and turn the heat to medium-low. Cook for at least 10 min. Put taco meat over a large Romaine Salad with 2 cups diced peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and green onions. Makes about 4 servings but you can just eat until you are full!


After Dinner Snack – ½ cup raspberries + 1 cup Greek Yogurt with Honey – had a big sweets craving so I ate yogurt with honey, was delicious!


Daily Totals = 1041 calories 92g carbs 79g protein 41g fat 25g fiber 35% carbs 30% protein 35% fat 3L water 3 servings of fats 1.5 servings fruit and 2.5 serving probiotics 7 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Regular Coffee + Fresh Green Juice + 1 scoop fiber


Lunch – 2 eggs + ½ cup Egg Whites + 1 cup veggies


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup Strawberries + 1 cup Pineapple


Dinner – Collard Green Wraps – I took 2 large collard greens and filled them with leftover chicken and veggies, very good!


Before Bed snack – ½ cup greek yogurt with honey and 1 tbsp. Psyllium husks – was finding I haven’t been as regular as I had hoped with all these veggies so I’m adding in some extra fiber


Daily Totals = 991 calories 99g carbs 79g protein 32g fat 29g fiber 40% carbs 32% protein 28% fat 3L water 3 servings fat 3 servings fruit 2 servings probiotics 5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Keto Coffee + 1 Apple


Lunch – 2 Egg + ¼ cup Egg Whites and 1 cup veggies scramble


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup Dill Pickles – my probiotics today, real fermented sour pickles, yum!


Dinner – Roasted Mediterranean Chicken Breast with 2 cups of roasted veggies (onions, garlic, artichokes, peppers) on zucchini noodles


After Dinner snack – ¼ cup Greek Yogurt with honey + ½ tbsp. Psyllium husks + ½ cup raspberries


Daily Totals = 985 calories 87g carbs 81g protein 41g fat 25g fiber 33% carbs 31% protein 35% fat 3L water 2 servings fat 1.5 servings fruit 1.5 servings probiotics 6.5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Regular Coffee + 1 Apple


Lunch – Roasted Chicken and Salad


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup blackberries + ¼ cup greek yogurt with honey + ½ tbsp. Psyllium husks


Dinner – Collard Greens Wraps – so good I had to have them again!


After Dinner snack – Chocolate PB2 Banana Protein Shake – since I was allowed chocolate again for a while I thought this would be good and not too far off plan, and it was delicious!


Daily Totals =1152 calories 128g carbs 102g protein 27g fat 37g fiber 44% carbs 35% protein 21% fat 3L water 2 servings fat 3 servings fruit 1 servings probiotics 6 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Regular Coffee + Green Juice + 1 scoop fiber 


Lunch – 2 eggs + 1 cup veggies


After Lunch snack – ½ cup All Bran Cereal + ¼ cup granola + ½ cup milk – again I want to up my fiber and improve my regularity


Dinner – Tofu Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice – I love tofu and since soy beans are allowed I took advantage!


After Dinner Snack – ½ cup raspberries in Club Soda


Daily Totals = 862 calories 97g carbs 61g protein 36g fat 30g fiber 39% carbs 26% protein 35% fat 3L water 2 servings fat 1.5 servings fruit 0 serving probiotics 5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Regular Coffee + 1 Apple + Matcha Banana Protein Shake


Lunch – Collard Greens Wraps


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup blackberries


Dinner – Steak Salad – ate out at a local restaurant, I was craving beef and man was it good! Hard to not have any wine with it though 🙁


Daily Totals = 1133 calories 116g carbs 112g protein 26g fat 36g fiber 40% carbs 39% protein and 21% fat 3L water 3 servings fats 0 servings probiotics 3 serving fruit 7 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Regular Coffee + 2 eggs + 1 cup veggies


Lunch – All Bran Cereal and granola


Dinner – 2 cups Gumbo + ½ cup rice with 2 cups salad + 1 tbsp. Dressing


After Dinner Snack – 2 ½ pieces Lindt Dark Chocolate


Daily Totals = 895 calories 117g carbs 47g protein 31g fat 22g fiber 50% carbs 20% protein and 30% fat 2L water 3 servings fats 0 servings probiotics 0 serving fruit 3 servings fruits and veg

Weekly Totals

7059 calories (average 1008 calories/day)

Macros average = 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat (goal 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat, exactly my goal!!)

Fiber = 29g/day (made my target)

Fruits and Vegetables = 5.6 cups/day (still good)

Water = 2.9L/day (really good this week)

Alcohol = 0


But I didn’t lose anything this week even though the calories count was still lower than I would recommend. I’m hoping this is just period bloat and that by the end of this week there will be some movement on the scale, we will see.

By the end of this week I’ll be into the carb cycling phase, which means one day I’ll have a few more food choices and some starchy carbs in my diet, and the other days will be the same as I’m eating now. I’ll be posting the new list of foods on this phase next week as well as my schedule for the next 17 days of the carb cycling phase.

Friday is my 12 year wedding anniversary plus it’s Good Friday and we’re getting together with friends for brunch so I’ll be going off plan for sure that day, but back on for the next two days in a row to help balance it out. Then it’s Easter dinner for my family on the Monday so I’ll be off plan quite a bit that day too, so I’ll stay pretty strictly on plan for the following 3 days to make up for it. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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