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30 Day Awesome Arms Challenge May

Hi everyone!


I got another equest for this month’s challenge, and what’s cool is that it was the one I’d been planning on for this month anyway! So this month is all about getting those toned sexy arms ready for tanktop season, also we’ll be working on our upper body strength which is super important especially for women as most of us were not very blessed in that area.


Instead of my usual rotation of every other day doing the same 3 exercises and just upping the reps, we’ll be changing most of the exercises halfway through to make them more challenging!


Weeks 1 and 2


Day 1, 3 and 5 – Chest and Triceps



Tricep Dips


Day 2, 4 and 6 – Back and Shoulders


Side Plank with Hip Tap

Prone Raises

Down Dog Up and Downs

Weeks 3 and 4


Day 1, 3 and 5


Plank Ups

One Leg Tricep Dips

Inchworms with Pushup

Day 2, 4 and 6


Side Plank Lift

Torso Raise with Lat Row

Down Dog Push ups

These can be pretty tough moves, so I will give modifications for each move. If you aren’t ready to progress to Week 3 and 4’s moves, try a harder variation of the move you were just doing. If you are more advanced than feel free to try the Hard and Hardest moves instead! Here’s all the exercises and their variations:


Push Ups


Easy – Wall Pushups


Less Easy – Incline Pushups

Hard – Knee Pushups

Harder – Full Pushups

Hardest – Decline Pushups

Tricep Dips


Easy – Seated Tricep Dips

Less Easy – Chair Dips with Bent Knees

Hard – Floor Tricep Dips

Harder – Chair Dips with straight legs

Hardest – One Leg Floor Dips

Side Plank with Hip Tap


Easy – Elbow Side Plank with Bent Knee Tap

Hard – Elbow Side Plank with Hip Tap

Harder – Straight Arm Side Plank with Bent Knee Tap

Hardest – Straight Arm Side Lift

Down Dog Push ups


Easy – Down Dog hold

Hard – Down Dog Up Downs

Harder – Down Dog Pushups

Hardest – Single Leg Down Dog Pushups

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