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30 Day Full Body Challenge June

Hi everyone!


So while I’m on vacation I will be exercising. I know you’re thinking, “Of course she is, she’s a personal trainer!”, but actually that’s not usually the case. I don’t always workout on vacation, in fact I usually take the time away to rest and let my body recover from all the exercise I do during the regular course of the year. But this time we are gone for longer than my usual week or week and half long vacation. 26 days away is a long time not to workout at all! That’s not to say I won’t be taking a break from my usual routine and taking some rest time, I definitely will. But besides walking while I’m doing LOTS of sightseeing I will be doing some body weight workouts to keep in shape while I’m gone.


So this month’s challenge is based on some of the exercises I am doing here in sunny Portugal! It’s a Full body challenge that only uses your own body weight so do your best to get through it, I will be posting some modifications for those exercises that people commonly have problems with.


This time the exercises are done for time so get out the timer on your cell phone and get started!


Day 1 and 4 – Legs


Plie or Squat Jumps


Side Lunge or Curtsey Lunge with Side Leg Lift


Heel Bridges


Day 2 and 5 – Arms


Pushups or Plank Ups


Inchworm Burpees


Side Plank Lift


Day 3 and 6 – Abs


Plank with Hip Dips




Double Crunches


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