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30 Day March Butt Challenge

Hey everyone, hope you’re ready for the end of February, man am I!! It’s been a VERY rough February for weather here in southern Ontario and I am really looking forward to spring in a big way!


So as I mentioned, next week I’ll be starting a series of posts on popular diet plans, trying a few out and giving you my feedback. But I also wanted to keep up with posting workouts for those of us working on our fitness. So every month I’m going to be posting a monthly workout challenge 🙂 They’re simple to follow and take very little time. They require no equipment and are only 3 exercises so really there’s no excuse not to get them done. If you are already working out regularly you can easily add these on to your day to get you closer to achieving your goals. Also, because these exercises only use your body weight and can be done in a small space, they are great to do when you’re traveling!


With all that said, let’s get into this month’s challenge. If a tighter, firmer, perkier bum is on your bucket list, this month’s butt challenge is for you!


You can do the exercises and reps prescribed on the calendar as is, or you can break them down into more manageable sets, with rest breaks in between, or do them at different points throughout the day, it’s completely up to you. You just have to do all the reps at some point during that day. Below are the pictures of each exercise on the calendar:


Side Lunges

One Leg Deadlift

Kneeling Hydrants

Lying Leg Lifts

One Leg Bridge

Do your best to get through them all and let me know how you did! I’ll be posting some before and after results with regards to the butt challenge as well so keep an eye on Instagram. More on Monday, have a great weekend!

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