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Clean and Lean in 2019 Week 1

Hi all!

Back to blogging now that the holidays are officially over and I’m finally over my fun bout with the flu (ugghhh!), and I’m so excited about what we’re doing online this year, we’re calling it Clean and Lean in 2019! And unlike many other programs, we’re going to be posting new challenges both nutritional and fitness every month because we want your whole year to be clean and lean!  So starting now, while we’re all super motivated to workout and eat right, let’s start with a Clean Eating Detox and Get Fit Head to Toe workout challenge!

Step One: Clean Eating Detox

Clean eating is about eating whole foods closer to how you would find them in nature.  Basically, foods that have undergone as little processing as possible. Now if you do some research you will find that many supposed “clean eating plans” call for a lot of foods that have definitely undergone some processing (seriously protein powder?!?). I like to stick to the fundamentals so it’s easier to follow and does what it’s supposed to, keeps toxins from accumulating in your body, which it does in your fat cells.

Here’s the breakdown on what you’ll be eating:

Eat More:

  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • Beans, Lentils, Sprouted Tofu, Tempeh
  • Nuts, Seeds, Quinoa and Nut Butters
  • Potatoes and Root Vegetables
  • Whole Unrefined Grains (Brown, Red and Wild Rice, Steel Cut Oats, Barley, Millet etc.)
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Poultry and Eggs
  • Wild Game
  • Honey and Maple Syrup
  • Olive, Avocado, Grass Fed Butter and Coconut Oil

Eat Less:

  • Dairy and Non Dairy Substitutes
  • Fatty Meats
  • Whole Grain Flour, Bread and Pasta
  • Protein Powders
  • Lean Beef, Pork and Lamb
  • Coffee, Caffeinated Tea
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Canola, Palm, Vegetable, Safflower, and Sunflower Oils


  • Processed and Lunch Meats
  • Packaged and Processed Foods
  • Junk Food
  • Fast Food
  • Refined Sugar and Flour
  • White Bread, Rice and Pasta
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Preservatives and Chemicals

10 Detox Tips

1. Start your day off with water.  I know almost everyone reaches for that first cup of coffee or tea as soon as our feet hit the floor, but try to resist until you’ve had one big glass of water, 8 to 16 oz. (250 to 500ml), either hot or cold, preferably with a slice of organic lemon or lime squeezed in for the vitamin C and to flush out your kidneys.

2. Eat ½ cup of probiotics, yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir (if you are consuming dairy) or sauerkraut or kimchi, or if none of those sounds at all appealing, take a good quality probiotic supplement on an empty stomach.

3.  Eat 5 to 6 cups of fruits and vegetables per day, try to include cruciferous, alliums, and green leafy veg everyday (listed here).  If you have a juicer, try a vegetable juice with a little fruit for sweetness. Or you can try my Flat Belly juice, it’s tasty and it helps promote sleep, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, detoxes your blood and kidneys, helps regulate your blood sugar, strengthens your immune system and is good for muscle and joint health.  If you’re a woman it even helps with menstrual cramps! (recipe at the bottom of the post)

4. Drink 2 to 4L of water everyday, you can have herbal tea as well.  That works out to 8 to 12 cups of water, but you can count one cup of caffeinated tea or coffee, 1 cup of milk, or 1 cup of juice. The rest should be water, if you are drinking very little right now, start slow.

5. Chose vegetarian protein options more often.  It’s wonderful for your health and your waistline!  I recommend a ½ cup of beans or lentils a day, plus try quinoa, peas, tempeh, tofu, nuts, seeds and nut butters.  

6. Cut out alcohol.

7. You can eat 3 square meals a day or 4 to 6 smaller meals, that’s a matter of preference. You can even try intermittent fasting if you’d like, I will be writing a post about this and how you can use it for weight loss/maintenance in a future post.

8. If you are trying to lose weight, pay close attention to portion sizes and calorie counts, even super healthy things like smoothies can add up to big calories if you aren’t careful.  I’ll be posting lots of recipes that will be portioned sized and have tons of veg and lean mainly vegetarian proteins so you can get some ideas how to do this.

9. Also you can start counting added grams of sugar, 2 tablespoons maximum a day or 24g of added sugar. For week one, I would recommend getting rid of dessert, it’s a bad habit that is especially strong right after the holidays. A week of going cold turkey will really help break the cycle, then I will be posting some Clean Dessert options for you to try.  And in the meantime, if you’re desperate, have a piece of fruit.

10. As for exercise, week one I want you to just get moving!  That’s the hardest part, starting up again. Walk, dance, run, swim, take the stairs, whatever it is you enjoy. If all you can start with is 20 min. then do it!  We’ll gradually build on whatever it is you start with.

Next week I will be posting an easy to follow monthly challenge of just 8 exercises that will work your entire body. If that isn’t enough, please follow my ab challenge, it is a killer 🙂

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