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Clean and Lean in 2019 Week 2

Hey everyone!

Second week (or actually the first full week but who’s counting?) of Clean and Lean in 2019, how is everyone feeling?  I do admit, I tried out some healthy dessert recipes this weekend to post on the blog, and I don’t think I was ready to reintroduce sugar yet. My cravings are back with a vengeance!  So for me it’s back to being sugar free, at the very least until my son’s birthday at the end of the month when I will be making his favorite, coconut cupcakes! Now while I do tweak them a bit to make them healthier (lite coconut milk, coconut flour and whole wheat, coconut oil, cut back on the sugar and use coconut sugar, etc.) they ARE still pretty sweet…and ridiculously delicious!! So that’s my big splurge between now and Valentine’s Day, and I’m fine with that as long as it’s only occasionally and it’s portioned controlled (that’s why I make cupcakes instead of a cake!). Just remember, it’s still life, and life is meant to be enjoyed, just keep the treats to just that, a treat.

To juice or not to juice? How do I lose weight with Clean Eating? And other questions answered!

So I’ve had a few questions from you about different aspects of the plan.  First is, why lemon water first thing in the morning? Lemon water, especially hot, is a great at detoxing your kidneys, plus it helps your digestion and gets your body rehydrated after going all night with nothing to drink.  I try to drink 16 oz. with about a ⅙ of a wedge of organic lemon. Remember to try to buy as much organic as possible during a detox, we are trying to give our livers a break from all the toxins.

The extra water leads me into another important question in almost everyone’s minds this time of year, how do I lose weight eating clean? Well water is definitely one way. Water helps your body metabolize and break down fat and toxins and helps to rid your body of them through your urine. Remember the eight to twelve 250ml or 8 oz. glasses a day is a guideline, every person is different. If I drank as little water as my husband I’d have a permanent headache and not be able to function, but unless it’s hot out or he’s exercising he drinks next to nothing. We all get some fluids through our foods and other drinks over the course of the day, and your best guidelines to know if you personally are getting enough is to follow these rules: if your urine is darker than the color of a glass of pinot grigio, or if you get frequent headaches, or if you are at all constipated, you are probably not drinking enough water.  Also remember, if you are thirsty, you’re already dehydrated…so drink up! By the way, herbal tea counts!

The high vegetable and fruit intake on this plan also helps to promote weight loss.  When you are eating 5 to 6 cups of vegetables and fruit a day, you simply don’t have as much room in your stomach for the bad stuff. Make sure to also have some form of protein with every meal and snack to help stay full longer if you are feeling hungry.  Fruits and vegetables also have lots of fiber, which helps move not only the food but any waste products like metabolized fat out of your body. That’s why fiber and water together are essential for weight loss!

Lastly, to juice or not to juice, and what about smoothies? I know we’ve all heard not to drink your calories and that without the fiber fruits and vegetables are nothing but sugar, but I personally like juice once in a while, and juicing is really nice, especially when you add lots of vegetables. I look at these as more of a vitamin shot, as the nutrients do not take any time to be digested since there is no fat, protein or fiber to slow it down. This way the vitamins and minerals go straight into your system.  I also do the occasional juice like my Flat Belly Juice, it’s great way to go when you’re short on time or don’t have a juicer. Juice cleanses can also be a good way to lose weight, reset your body, and helps with many ailments, but they aren’t for everyone. Make sure you get the OK from your doctor first if you are thinking of trying one.

I also have smoothies a few times a week. They are a fantastic meal on the go and with the addition of tofu, greek yogurt or a clean protein powder for protein, fruit and vegetables, seeds, nut butter or oats to make them more filling, they can be a complete meal in a glass! Just be careful if you are trying to lose weight that the calories from all the additions don’t get too high, between 350 and 450 for a meal size smoothie, 100 to 200 for a snack size.

This week’s task: The 5 Day Detox + 20 min. minimum activity everyday!

This week all you have to do is follow my 5 Day Detox, it’s a reset for your body and helps get you started on the right foot for the new year. It limits foods that can be an issue on digestion and that some people may be intolerant of without even realizing it. Plus if you are using this plan as a way to lose weight reducing your toxin load is very important as toxins are processed in the liver, the same organ that’s mainly responsible for fat conversion; either fat storage or eliminating burned fat. So we really want to make sure the liver is working as smoothly as possible for the best fat loss results.

Also work on exercising everyday for at least 20 min. and mix it up between cardio, strength (like Flat Abs Project) and stretching/yoga. If you are currently doing more than that please continue with your current exercise program but try to add in a 20 min. walk or 20 min. of yoga everyday to reduce stress. Stress reduction is another really important of detoxing, try to do yoga, read, take a bath, or go for a walk in nature everyday for the 5 days.

Next week will be getting really into the exercise component with my the Get Fit from Head to Toe routine. I wanted to keep the first routine nice and simple to follow, hopefully you’ll like it. The coming months I will make the exercise routines more challenging to help push your new healthy, fit body in new ways! Good luck everyone!

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