Clean and Lean Workout Plan 1

For the first few weeks I just want your cardio sparks to be anything you find enjoyable that gets your heart rate up, you can dance, run, bike, swim, whatever makes you smile! Just make sure you get to the point where it really feels like a workout, slightly out of breath, sweating, a little tired at the end. Do this for at least 20 min. 3 or 4 days a week. Here’s an example of what week one might look like:

Monday – 1 cardio spark (kickboxing, 20 min.)

                  1 flexibility spark (Yoga class, 60 min.)

Tuesday – 1 strength spark week 1

                  1 flexibility spark (stretching, 20 min.)

Wednesday – Day Off

Thursday – 1 cardio spark (Zumba class, 60 min.)

                    1 flexibility spark (stretching, 20 min.)

Friday – 1 strength spark week 1

              1 cardio spark (dancing, 20 min.)

Saturday – 1 cardio spark (running, 20 min.)

                   1 flexibility spark (yoga, 20 min.)

Sunday – Day Off

So you see how easy it is to put the sparks together to make a workout schedule! Just try not to strength train on back to back days (you need a day to rest in between) and flexibility can be done every day if you like. Make one day a rest day which can be active rest like yoga or a walk, or no activity at all, just listen to what your body needs.

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