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Full Body February Fitness Challenge #2

Hey everyone, hope your February is going well, either you’re enjoying the snow or happy to not be stuck in it. I’m usually out snowshoeing when the snow comes but this year we’ve had so much ice it’s been just a hard crusty mess, not much fun to go walking around in, snowshoes or no snowshoes.

So instead I decided to focus on getting my exercise done indoors, and with that I came up with a second part to this month’s full body workout challenge. You can add this on to the first week’s workout to make a 40 min. workout, or you can alternate the workouts throughout the week.

Full Body February Workout #2

1. Lying Twist


Lying on your back with knees up, drop both knees to one side as close to the floor as is comfortable. Bring your legs back to center, then drop them to the other side. That’s one repetition. Beginners do 5 reps, intermediate 8 and advanced 10 each side.

2. Superman Curls

Lying on your stomach, arms overhead, raise your arms and legs off the floor as far as is comfortable. From here, curl your heels in towards your butt and your elbows to your waist. Extend back out and then lower back to the floor. If you have back pain when performing this move, modify by either lifting your upper body or lower body, not both at once. Beginners do 8 reps, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps.

3. Front and Rear Lunges

Start with feet together. Step forward with one foot and drop the back knee towards the floor while keeping the front knee behind your toes, leg in a 90 degree angle. then step back with the same leg into a rear lunge. Repeat all the reps on one leg before switching sides. Beginners do 8 reps, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps on each side.

4. Plank with Elbow to Knee

As in Flat Abs Project Week 3, in a plank position on your hands, bring one knee in towards your elbow on the same side. Alternate sides to complete the reps, 10 on each side for beginners, 15 reps per side for intermediate, 20 for advanced.

5. Burpee with Walk to the Side

Perform a Burpee by starting in a standing position, then lower your hands on the floor by your feet. Walk or jump your feet back into a plank position, the walk your hands and feet to one side then back. Walk or jump your feet back up to your hands the n stand jump or jump up. That’s one rep. Beginners do 8 reps, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps.

6. Squat with Side Leg Lift

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the hip and sit back like you’re sitting in a chair. Keep your knees behind your toes and bend as low as you comfortably can. Stand up, kicking one straight leg out to the side. Squat down again, this time when you come up kick out the other leg. That’s one rep. Beginners do 8 reps, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps total.

7. Side Lying Tricep Push Ups

Lying on one side, wrap your bottom arm around your waist, place your top arm palm down on the floor in front of your shoulder. Push up with the hand on the floor until your arm is straight, then lower. Do all the reps on one side before moving to the other. Beginners do 8, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps each side.

8. Slow Double Legs Lowering

Lying on your back with your hands behind your head, lift your head neck and shoulders of the mat, holding throughout the move. Then slowly lower your straight legs (knees can be slightly bent) down towards the floor as far as you can without your lower back lifting off the floor. Then bring your legs back to the starting position. If this is too difficult or causes back pain, do the modified move from Flat Abs Project Week 3 with your hands under your bum. Beginner do 8 reps, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps.

I’ve been working on the weight loss plans breakdown and I’ll be posting part one next week, discussing what I like about them, what I’m skeptical about and then I’ll be trying out meal plans and recipes from the different plans to see for myself how hard or easy they are to follow. Should be a fun experiment, and as I said I’ll be posting the meal plans I’m following and the recipes my family and I enjoy so you can follow along as well. Have a great week!

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