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Intermittent Fasting 5:2 Week 1 Lessons

Plus 30 Day Butt Challenge!


Hey everyone,


Hope the first week of March has been good to you This week the sun’s actually been out more days than not so my mood has definitely improved! Makes it so much easier to do your workouts and eat well when the sun is shining and you’re feeling positive isn’t it?


So the first 10 days of the 30 Day Butt Challenge are behind us (see what I did there?) How did it go? Remember if you miss a day you can always make it up on the next day, in fact I had to do that more than once this week, oops! But I got it done and that’s what matters. I’m excited to see what the results are in my before and after, I sure know my butt is sore! Lol


And week 1 of my Intermittent Fasting experiment is over, went OK but my days were not as planned (but what’s new? lol). I will break down day by day what I actually ate and my calorie intake, plus the things I want to focus on based on my results week 1.  


Good new though, I lost 2 lbs!! So at least I know it’s working.




Breakfast – Coffee with 1 tsp. Honey, 1 tbsp. Half and Half Cream and 2 tbsp. Collagen = 86 calories – meant to eat more but I wasn’t really hungry and my morning was busy


Lunch – 2 egg omelette with 1 cup sauteed mushrooms and peppers and 1 cup fresh spinach, plus ¼ cup shredded cheese and 1 tbps. Bacon bits = 270 calories – my standard favorite lunch but with bacon bits because we had them leftover from making Caesar salad on the weekend 🙂 I ate really late though, 2pm,  because I was so busy


Dinner – Thai Green Curry Soup with Shrimp and ½ cup cooked basmati rice = 489 calories – Andy had a craving for this so he made me dinner, it was delicious and full of veggies!


After Dinner Snack – 2 Black Bean Brownies, 3 cups Salad (2 cups greens and 1 cup chopped veggies) with 1 tbsp. Dressing and 1 tsp. Chia seeds = 419 calories – I was starving since I ate my first meal so late in the day


Daily Totals = 1265 calories 156g carbs 56g protein 51g fat Macros 47% carbs 17% protein 35% fat 16g fiber 5 cups veggies no fruit Water 2.5 L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee (see above) and 2 egg omelette = 356 calories – today was supposed to be my first “fasting” day but I was really hungry, found out later it was my time of the month so of course I was starving! Lol


Lunch – 4 small Pancakes with 1 tbsp. Butter = 412 calories – I forgot it was pancake Tuesday so because I was working the evening I made them for lunch, they were yum! I do add extra fiber and protein to mine so they’re a little healthier 🙂


Dinner – 1.5 cups African Peanut Stew = 357 calories – packed it as leftovers from dinner on Sunday, so delicious, even cold 🙂


Daily Totals = 1125 calories 128g carbs 71g protein 42g fat Macros 44% carbs 24% protein 32% fat 25g fiber 3 cups veggies no fruit Water 2.5L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee = 86 calories – again super busy morning, no time to eat


Lunch – ½  cup dry quick oats + ½ cup oat bran with 2 tsp. Maple syrup, 4 tbsp. PB2, 2 tbsp. Collagen and 2 tbsp. Dark chocolate chips = 620 calories – I started off with only half this much oatmeal but was so hungry I had seconds. Added the collagen to bump up my protein intake and to help keep me full since I was so hungry


Dinner – Thai Green Curry Soup with Shrimp and ½ cup basmati rice = 467 calories


Snack – 4 garlic stuffed Green Olives = 25 calories


Daily Totals = 1188 calories 152g carbs 51g protein 44g fat Macros 50% carbs 17% protein 33% fat 17g fiber 2 cups veggies no fruit Water 2.5L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee = 86 calories – I never eat breakfast on Thursdays because I teach Yoga in the morning and I can’t teach with food in my stomach, makes me nauseous 🙁


Lunch – 2 egg omelette = 237 calories – no bacon bits today since it was my fast day


Snack – 2 stalk of celery with natural peanut butter = 120 calories – pretty hungry still after my lunch so I needed something


Dinner – African Peanut Stew = 357 calories


Snack – 1 clementine, and 3 oz. beer = 190 calories – was pretty hungry on my first real fast day, so I was a bit over my target, and the beer was because my husband bought a new one I’d never had before so I had to try a bit 🙂


Daily Totals = 870 calories 99g carbs 51g protein 31g fat Macros 45% carbs 23% protein 32% fat 20g fiber 5 cups fruits and veggies Water 2.5L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee = 86 calories – another pretty busy morning


Lunch – 2 egg omelette with 1 tbsp. Bacon bits = 270 calories


Snack – 2 cups oil popped popcorn and 1 tbps. Melted butter + 6 oz. beer = 281 calories – watched a movie and had beer and popcorn to start off an early date night 🙂


Dinner – Salad Nicoise with 2 cups romaine lettuce, ½ cup green beans, 1 tsp. Capers, 6 olives, ⅓ cup boiled potatoes, 6 oz. Steelhead Trout and 1 fried egg + 2 tbsp. Nicoise salad dressing and 2 6 oz. glasses of white wine = 724 calories – date night dinner and it was delicious! Quite filling for a salad, especially with the large piece of fish


Daily Totals = 1361 calories 50g carbs 86g protein 54g fat Macros 19% carbs 34% protein 47% fat 9g fiber 3.5 cups veggies no fruit Water 2L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee = 86 calories – have to work early Saturdays so often don’t have time to make any food


Lunch – ½ cup oatmeal with 2 tbsp. PB2, 1 tsp. Maple syrup, 1 tbsp. Collagen and 1 tbsp. Dark chocolate chips = 330 calories


Snack – 2 egg omelette with brie = 274 calories – I was still somewhat hungry when I got home from work at 2pm and I knew I was going to be drinking at my friend’s birthday party later that day so I wanted to have something healthy on my stomach to help absorb the alcohol 🙂


Dinner – Domino’s Pizza 1 slice and 1 piece of cheesy bread plus 2 chicken kickers = 556 calories – dinner at the birthday party 🙂


Snack – 1 small slice of birthday cake, 1 handful of chips and 2 handfuls of popcorn plus 2 tall boys of beer = 652 calories – very empty but delicious calories! Lol


Daily Totals = 1897 calories 194g carbs 86g protein 68g fat Macros 45% carbs 20% protein 35% fat 17g fiber 1.5 cups fruits and veggies 2L water




Brunch – Coffee with 1 oz. Liqueur and 2 tbsp. Collagen plus 1 egg plus 1 cup spinach on a biscuit = 274 calories – Andy was a doll and made homemade biscuits to put our egg sandwiches on this morning 🙂


Dinner – 1 slice pizza plus guacamole and chips = 837 calories – back to the birthday boy’s house for dinner so we had birthday party leftovers, plus Andy made homemade tortilla chips and our friend made guacamole, mmmmmm!


Snack – 1 small slice birthday cake = 202 calories


Daily Totals = 1420 calories 143g carbs 34g protein 76g fat Macros 41% carbs 10% protein 49% fat 13g fiber 2 cups veg no fruit 2L water


Weekly Totals


9120 calories (goal 9550 calories)

Macros average = 41.5% carbs 20% protein 37.5% fat (goal 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat)

Fiber = 16.7g/day

Fruits and Vegetables = 3 cups/day

Water = 2.25L/day

Alcohol = 12 oz. wine + 35 oz. beer = 5 servings of alcohol for the week (1 serving of wine is 6 oz. and 1 serving beer is 12 oz.)


You can put your food into a free online calorie counter like My Fitness Pal or Sparkpeople (what I use) to get the outputs that reported here. It’s great information to know to make sure you’re on track with regards to your specific goals. So based on what happened this week I will be working on 3 things next week:

1. Eating more fiber – a good goal just to be healthy is around 20 – 25g per day, for weight loss you should be aiming for 25g – 30g or even more if possible. So as you can see my fiber was on the low side all week, only averaged 16.7g per day! I really need to focus on that, so I will be incorporating more high fiber foods especially fruits and veggies.

2. Getting my 5 cups of fruit and veg per day – again this is just the amount you should shoot for for good health, for weight loss it should really be 6 cups and I only averaged 3!  I will definitely be working on that. FYI, leafy greens only count as half, so 2 cups of fresh leafy greens count as 1 cup not 2 if you were wondering why my numbers looked a little low.

3. Drinking more water – So my water intake all week wasn’t bad, I averaged 2.25L per day. My problem is always the weekend, I forget to drink as much for some reason, or I replace it with alcohol lol. So this week I will cut back on my alcohol intake a bit and up my water, it should be around 3L per day or more for weight loss so I’m shooting for 3 to start. Alcohol intake for good health for a woman is about 5 servings per week, but that’s a little much for weight loss so I will be having a bit less in the coming weeks (hopefully! lol)


These 3 things will not only make me healthier in general but they will give me more energy, keep me full longer and improve my regularity which all help with weight loss.


I’m not super happy with my protein intake and I didn’t hit my calorie targets per day either but I find 3 things are more than enough to focus on at a time. Any more and something gets dropped, so once these get better I’ll focus on upping my protein and playing with the calorie targets a bit.


I am happy with the fact that I didn’t over eat at all. I stopped eating once I was full, and I also didn’t ever get to the point of going to bed starving. So I did a good job listening to my body’s hunger cues which is very important for lasting weight loss. Next week I’ll post the week’s totals and how I did, hopefully there’s some improvement.  Have a great week!


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