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Intermittent Fasting 5:2 Week 2 Lessons

Hey everyone,


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (or I guess the day after since I post these on Mondays). Hope you had a fun weekend, we were at a friend’s cottage in Collingwood and had a great time catching up. Also may have visited a local brewery and had a few more beer than I’d planned but fun was definitely had 🙂


Week 2 of my Intermittent Fasting experiment is in the books, had some new daily goals this week of eating at least 25g of fiber , 5 cups of fruits and vegetables and drinking at least 3L of water. I can report that it went pretty well, hit my goals most days but still have some things I would like to work on going forward that I’ll discuss at the end of this post.


And I lost another pound so that’s pretty cool.


Since I had a busy weekend let’s get right down to my break down of how week 2 went:  




Breakfast – Coffee with 1 tsp. Honey, 1 tbsp. Half and Half Cream and 2 tbsp. Collagen and PC Peanut butter and chocolate protein bar and 1/2 cup pineapple = 294 calories – was actually really hungry this morning so when I stopped for groceries I grabbed some high protein granola bars to have on hand, really good, and some pineapple, which I ate at work between clients


Lunch – 2 egg omelette with 1 cup sauteed mushrooms and peppers and 1 cup fresh spinach, plus ¼ cup shredded cheese and a handful of homemade tortilla chips plus 1 EmergenC Vitamin C supplement drink Raspberry flavor = 334 calories – my standard favorite lunch but with a few leftover tortilla chips from Sunday plus my energy was eally low so I had an EmergenC to help give me a natural pick me up. And unlike coffee or tea it still counts towards my water!


Dinner – Easy Spaghetti Alfredo with 1 cup pasta cooked, 1 tbsp. half and half cream, 1 clove garlic and 3 tbsp. parmesan cheese = 419 calories – was feeling a little queasy so Andy and I made something simple for dinner that would make me feel better. 


After Dinner Snack – 1/4 cup Gingerade Kombucha = 8 calories – hoping it would help me feel better, really seemed to do the trick


Daily Totals = 1055 calories 129g carbs 58g protein 37g fat Macros 47% carbs 23% protein 30% fat 14g fiber 1.5 cups fruit and veg Water 3 L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee (see above) and 1 cup fresh juice made with celery, carrots, apples, and kale plus  1 small scoop Genuine Health Fermented Organic Superfoods = 166 calories – Andy really wanted to start juicing for breakfast again, and since I still needed the extra fiber I added in 1 scoop of Fermented Organic Superfoods to help bump it up! Plus it counts as an extra cup of fruits and veg making my juice worth 2 cups!


Lunch – 1/4 cup oatbran + 1/4 cup quick oats + 2 tbsp. PB2 + 1 tbsp. chia seeds + 1 tsp. maple syrup + 1 tbsp. chocolate chips = 337 calories – no eggs in the house today so I made some PB and chocolate oatmeal, great when I have a sweets craving and loads of fiber!


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup pineapple = 76 calories – ate it before class to give me some energy


Dinner – Large Salad with 3 cups greens, 1/2 cup cucumber and 1/2 cup yellow peppers with 1 can tuna and 1 tbps. homemade apple dressing = this is a favorite dinner to take to work, large and filling, full of protein and vegetables


Daily Totals = 798 calories 106g carbs 62g protein 19g fat Macros 51% carbs 31% protein 18% fat 27g fiber 5.5 cups veggies and fruit Water 3L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee plus Green Juice with scoop of Superfoods = 166 calories


Lunch – 2 egg omelette in 1 large tortilla = 433 calories – was a little hungrier than usual so I put my usual omelette in a tortilla to make a breakfast burrito, yum!


Dinner – 2 cups Red Beans and Rice plus 6 blackened shrimp = 524 calories – very hungry still so had a little extra red beans and rice at dinner, very high in fiber though


After Dinner Snack – 1 9oz. glass Red Wine + 2 squares Dark Chocolate = 305 calories – we’re going away for the weekend so we had date night tonight after I was done work so we had wine and chocolate for dessert 🙂


Daily Totals = 1428 calories 176g carbs 67g protein 33g fat Macros 56% carbs 21% protein 23% fat 34g fiber 5 cups veggies and fruit Water 3L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee plus Green Juice with scoop of Superfoods = 166 calories


Lunch – 2 egg omelette = 282 calories


Dinner – 1.5 cups Red Beans and Rice = 348 calories – no snacks on today’s fast day, wasn’t feeling very hungry


Daily Totals = 796 calories 107g carbs 48g protein 23g fat Macros 52% carbs 24% protein 24% fat 25g fiber 4.5 cups fruits and veggies Water 3L




Breakfast – Regular Coffee = 86 calories – busy morning, forgot to make my juice 🙁


Lunch – 1.5 cups Red Beans and Rice plus 1/2 grilled cheese and bacon sandwich at Tim Horton’s = 596 calories – left to drive 2.5 hrs. to Collingwood in the afternoon, ate lunch before we left but I was still hungry about half way there so we stopped and I grabbed a grilled cheese with bacon to spilt with my husband


Snack – 2 handfuls of Chickpea Tortilla Chips and Salsa + 12 oz. beer = 349 calories – we were having a late dinner so we snacked on some healthy tortilla chips and salsa, with a beer of course 😉


Dinner – Indian Chicken Curry with 2/3 cup rice and 1 6 oz. glasses of white wine = 637 calories – my friend Ajeeth is an amazing cook and tonight dinner was no exception!


Dessert – 2 Black Bean Brownies = 270 calories


Daily Totals = 1938 calories 256g carbs 84g protein 49g fat Macros 57% carbs 19% protein 24% fat 37g fiber 3 cups veggies and fruit Water 2L




Breakfast – 2 cups Coffee with 1.5 shots Bailey’s plus 2 eggs scrambled with 1 small slice toast with butter = 352 calories – at the cottage coffee is just an excuse to drink Bailey’s so I had more than one lol


Lunch – 1 apple, 1 banana, cheese and crackers plus 20 oz. beer = 1028 calories – went to a brewery and had nibblies for lunch, it’s one of those deceptive lunches that adds up in calories fast!


Dinner – Thai Chicken Coconut Curry with Rice Noodles = 302 calories 


Snack – 3 cups Smart Food Jalapeno and Cheddar Popcorn + 2 Black Bean Brownies = 375 calories


Daily Totals = 2057 calories 299g carbs 65g protein 59g fat Macros 60% carbs 13% protein 27% fat 29g fiber 3 cups fruits and veggies 1.5L water




Breakfast – 2 cups Coffee with 1.5 shots Bailey’s plus 2 egg omelette = 391 calories – Andy and I made omelettes for everyone for breakfast


Lunch – 1 cup Red Bean and Rice = 162 calories – wasn’t hungry until we got home around 3pm so I had a bit of Red Beans and Rice to tide me over until dinner


Dinner – Irish Stew with Mashed Potatoes and Kale plus 16 oz. beer = 725 calories – St. Paddy’s Day dinner ala Andy, very good!


Snack – 1 Black Bean Brownie = 135 calories


Daily Totals = 1413 calories 164g carbs 71g protein 39g fat Macros 51% carbs 22% protein 27% fat 19g fiber 2 cups veg no fruit 1L water


Weekly Totals


9506 calories (goal 9550 calories)

Macros average = 53.4% carbs 21.9% protein 24.7% fat (goal 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat)

Fiber = 26.4g/day (woohoo! Hit my target!)

Fruits and Vegetables = 3.5 cups/day (a little better than last week but still needs work)

Water = 2.33L/day (again, a little better than last week but weekends still need a lot of work)

Alcohol = 15 oz. wine + 48 oz. beer = 6.5 servings of alcohol for the week (1 serving of wine is 6 oz. and 1 serving beer is 12 oz.)


So improvement on most of my goals but some of them still need work based on what happened this week. Here’s what I will be working on for next week:

1. Getting my 5 cups of fruit and veg per day – had some improvement from the previous week (went from 3 to 3.5 servings per day on average) but it’s still not 5 cups so stays on the list

2. Drinking more water – again 2.33L per day was my average, better than last week’s 2.25L but not by much. And my alcohol intake was definitely not better so I will need to keep this on my list as well.

3. Eat more protein – this is something I mentioned I wanted to look into last week. So the RDA or recommended daily allowance for a healthy woman is .36g of protein per pound of body weight. So if you weighed 150 lbs. you multiple that number by .36 to get the amount of grams you need per day, about 54g. As you may have noticed from my daily totals, I am easily hitting this number almost every day. But I am pretty active (I workout 5-6 days per week) so I should be eating quite a bit more. Recommendations are anywhere from .8g per pound to 1.5g per pound! I would ultimately like to get my protein to about 30% of my daily caloric intake, so that means I’m shooting for about 102g protein per day on average. Might be tough but I’ll work on it.


Have a great week and next week I’ll post about how this week went, as well as the last week of the 30 Day Butt Challenge and how you can take the last week and make it a little more challenging so stay tuned!


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