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My “Diet” for the next 2 weeks

Hi all!


So after the very low carb (for me anyway) diet that was the 17 Day Diet I kinda had a little slip. My carb cravings were SOOOOOOO huge that I went a little overboard on Easter weekend, opps! I baked a fresh loaf of bread Friday morning, had Mimosas and Caesars and Wine and half a cupcake for dessert! Then Easter Sunday was WAY too much chocolate which the kids so nicely shared from their Easter haul (as if they had a choice! lol), followed by Easter Dinner the next day with scalloped potatoes and the other half a cupcake, yum! And the rest of the week while being much healthier and lacking the sugar, I indulged in pasta and potatoes cause my body literally screamed at me to have it! Plus I ate significantly less animal protein, my body was getting really nauseated from so much, I couldn’t even think of eating another piece of chicken!


To me all this isn’t a huge surprise. As a nutritionist whose done a lot of research on the topic, I know that for me with a blood type of AB that I can’t really do extreme diets that cut out whole food groups for any length of time without feeling off. AB blood types do much better with balance, too much of anything sets our systems out of whack.


So with that in mind, and keeping what I’ve learned from the past few experiments, here’s what I’ll be doing diet-wise for the next few weeks, breaking the days up according to what works best for my schedule:


Monday + Wednesday


Breakfast – Coffee with Collagen, cream and honey + Smoothie


Lunch – Scrambled eggs + veggies, optional serving carbs


Dinner – Lean Protein + veggies, optional serving of carbs


Snack – 1 piece of fruit + sauerkraut or pickles + Yogurt or cottage cheese (optional)


Approximate Daily Totals: 1100 – 1200 calories, 45% carbs 35% protein 20% fat 30g fiber


Beverages – water, green tea or kombucha


Tuesday + Thursday


Breakfast – Regular coffee + Green juice


Lunch – Scrambled eggs + veggies


Dinner – Large salad with beans and tuna or chicken


Snacks – 1 piece of fruit, fermented veg + smoothie


Approximate Daily Totals: 1100 – 1200 calories, 45% carbs 35% protein 20% fat 35g fiber


Friday + Saturday


Breakfast – Coffee with Collagen, cream and honey + Smoothie


Lunch – Scrambled eggs + veggies


Dinner – Lean Protein + veggies, optional serving of carbs


Snacks – 1 – 2 glasses of wine or beer, 1 – 2 squares dark chocolate (optional)


Approximate Daily Totals: 1300 – 1400 calories, 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat 25g fiber




Brunch – Coffee with Collagen and Liqueur + Green juice + Pancakes or Baked Eggs and toast or a wrap


Dinner – Roast or Burgers and veg + starchy carb


Snacks – 1 piece of fruit, fermented veg, Yogurt or cottage cheese (optional)


Approximate Daily Totals: 1100 – 1200 calories, 35% carbs 30% protein 35% fat 20g fiber


So from this you can see my calorie count will average 1200 – 1300 calories per day and my Macros will average 40% carbs 35% protein and 25% fat and my fiber will be around 30g per day, all within my target ranges and very healthy. This is also pretty well balanced, I’m not cutting out any one food group nor am I overdoing it with any other foods like I was with animal protein in the past 17 Days. I’m keeping my starchy carbs to 3 or less servings everyday, I know this is below what the food guide recommends but I know for me this is my sweet spot. If I have more than 3 per day average I just want more and more, and if I go to no starchy carbs the cravings are unbearable!


I’m also going to follow my hunger cues. If I’m just not hungry for a scheduled meal I won’t eat it. Maybe I’ll feel hungry later and want it then, or maybe I’m just not very hungry that day and won’t want it at all. Or sometimes I have days where I feel like I could eat and eat and eat and never fill up, so on those days I might eat more. Again, I’m more concerned with what I’m eating over the course of the whole week, not just one particular day. And learning to listen to when your body is actually hungry and what it’s really hungry for are the most important lessons for long lasting weight loss.


I’ll keep you posted on how I do with my new plan, as well as anything I have to tweak along the way. My husband and I are also going away for a much needed vacation in three weeks time, and it’s a long one, almost a month touring around Europe and North Africa! So I will be doing posts coming up on what my plan is to not gain weight on vacation, and how I’ll be keeping up with my fitness while I’m gone, so stay tuned!

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