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The 17 Day Diet Week 1 Lessons

Hey everyone!

Hope the 30 day Ab Challenge is going well, this first week is pretty easy but believe me the next few weeks will get tough! I’m loving it, after my back went out two weeks ago this is just what I needed. My back feels better everyday so it is definitely working. 

The 17 Day Diet Week 1 Wrap Up

So this is the end of my first week on the 17 Day Diet. So far I’m actually really digging it! I’m eating tons of fruits and veg, good amounts of protein and the probiotics are fantastic! I mixed it up quite a bit every day because I didn’t want the limited food choices to get boring. The meals have been delicious so far and I’ve not really been hungry at all so far, but when you can have unlimited amounts of the foods you CAN eat, there’s really no excuse to go to bed with a grumbling tummy. So here’s the breakdown of the week so you can see what I’ve been eating:




Breakfast – Coffee with 1 tbsp. Half and Half + Pruvit Keto Kreme (⅓ package) – I got some samples to try from a friend, not bad but I’ll probably go back to my regular coffee with collagen as I found I like how I felt better


2 eggs + ¼ cup Egg Whites with 1 cup sauteed veggies – my new go-to scramble, pretty good, especially with a little hot sauce! I almost didn’t miss the cheese I normally would use on my omelette (almost!) 🙂


Lunch – Miso Bone Broth Soup with Mushrooms, Spinach and Green Onions – this was delicious and quite filling. The miso counts as one of my probiotic servings and the bone broth is really good for you, I will be writing a whole article in the future about the benefits of bone broth and collagen 🙂


After Lunch Snack  – 1 Grapefruit


Dinner – Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls – 1 lb. Ground Turkey or Chicken, 1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes, 2 bags Coleslaw mix vegetables, 1 tsp. Olive oil, ½ tsp. salt and pepper, 1 onion diced, 2 cloves garlic minced, 1 carrot diced and 2 stalks celery diced. Brown the ground turkey in 1 tsp. olive oil then remover from pan. Add onions, carrots, celery and garlic and cook until soft. Add canned tomatoes, coleslaw mix and salt and pepper and turn the heat to medium-low. Cook for at least 20 min. Or until the cabbage is soft. Makes about 4 servings but you can just eat until you are full!


Daily Totals = 728 calories 60g carbs 61g protein 31g fat 16g fiber Macros 31% carbs 33% protein 36% fat 2L water 2 servings of fats 2 servings fruit and 1 serving probiotics 7 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Keto Coffee, ½ cup Egg Whites + 1 cup veggies – ran out of whole eggs this morning 🙁


Lunch – Miso Bone Broth Soup


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup Strawberries + 1 cup Pineapple – I know pineapple isn’t on the recommended fruit list but it isn’t any higher in sugar than the other fruits listed, plus it has loads of digestive enzymes I need eating all this animal protein! I also had it leftover in the fridge and didn’t want it to go to waste 🙂


Dinner – Large Salad with 1 cup veggies + 1 can tuna – my standard at-work dinner


After Dinner Snack – 1 small container greek yogurt


Daily Totals = 783 calories 75g carbs 76g protein 21g fat 16g fiber 38% carbs 39% protein 23% fat 2.5L water 2 servings fat 2 servings fruit 2 servings probiotics 5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Keto Coffee, 1 Apple, 2 Egg + ¼ cup Egg Whites and 1 cup veggies scramble


Lunch – Miso Bone Broth Soup


After Lunch Snack – Orange


Dinner – Roasted Chicken Breast with 2 cups of roasted veggies (onions, garlic, broccoli, peppers)


After Dinner Snack – 1 small container Greek Yogurt


Daily Totals = 956 calories 97g carbs 80g protein 31g fat 19g fiber 39% carbs 32% protein 28% fat 2L water 2 servings fat 2 servings fruit 2 servings probiotics 5.5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Keto Coffee, 1 Apple, ½ cup Kombucha


Lunch – 2 Eggs + ¼ cup Egg Whites and 1 cup veggie scramble


After Lunch Snack  – ½ cup sauerkraut


Dinner – Roasted Chicken Breast + 1 cup roasted veggies and 2 cups spinach


After Dinner Snack – 1 Orange – I know it says not to eat fruit after 2pm but it was right after I taught class so I wasn’t too worked about burning off the sugars


Daily Totals = 702 calories 70g carbs 57g protein 24g fat 16g fiber 39% carbs 31% protein 30% fat 3L water 2 servings fat 2 servings fruit 2 servings probiotics 5.5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Keto Coffee, 1 Apple – Morning was really busy, no time to eat much


Lunch – Leftover Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls


After Lunch Snack – Miso Bone Broth Soup


Dinner – Chicken Cacciatore with Zucchini Noodles


After Dinner Snack – 1 Orange


Daily Totals = 835 calories 97g carbs 46g protein 31g fat 25g fiber 46% carbs 22% protein 32% fat 2.5L water 2 servings fat 2 servings fruit 1 serving probiotics 7 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – 1 Apple, Regular Coffee – didn’t feel like Keto coffee today so I went back to my regular with 1 scoop of collagen and 1 tsp. Honey with 1 tbsp. Half and Half


Lunch – 2 eggs + ½ cup egg whites + 1 cup veggies


After Lunch Snack – 1 cup sauerkraut


Dinner – Salmon, Baked Asparagus and Salad


After Dinner Snack – ½ cup raspberries in Club Soda – since I’m not drinking and my husband was sipping wine on the back deck, I put some frozen raspberries in my club soda to make it tastier and a little more like a cocktail


Daily Totals = 750 calories 58g carbs 76g protein 24g fat 19g fiber 31% carbs 40% protein and 29% fat 3L water 2 servings fats 2 servings probiotics 1 serving fruit 6.5 servings fruits and veg




Breakfast – Regular Coffee with Collagen, 1 apple, ½ cup kombucha


Lunch – BLT Salad with 2 oz. chicken, 1 tbs. bacon bits, 2 tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese, 2 cups lettuce and 1 cup veg – went a bit off plan with this lunch but I forgot to pack my lunch and I was at work all day. This was the healthiest option that was available to me.


After Lunch Snack – 1 small container Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup raspberries


Dinner – 1 Chicken Breast and two Chicken wings from rotisserie chicken, 2 cups grilled Veggies


Daily Totals –  898 calories 59g carbs 75g protein 40g fat 14g fiber Macros 26% carbs 33% protein 40% fat 3L water

3 servings fats 2 servings probiotics 1.5 serving fruit 5.5 servings fruits and veg


Weekly Totals

5645 calories (average 806 calories/day)

Macros average = 35.8% carbs 33% protein 31.2% fat (goal 40% carbs 30% protein 30% fat)

Fiber = 18g/day (definitely under my target)

Fruits and Vegetables = 6 cups/day (awesome!!)

Water = 2.6L/day (a little off my target but I did have miso bone broth and kombucha so I was drinking liquids)

Alcohol = 0


So after the first week here’s my verdict on this diet so far:

1. Low calorie count – this was actually very surprising to me. I understand that fruits vegetables and lean protein are lower in calories than starchy carbs and fats but I ate everyday until I was comfortably full. Not one night did I go to bed hungry or lose energy during the day. Whenever I felt a little hunger coming on I had a snack that was approved and I ate large enough portions at my meals that I never left the table hungry. As a nutritionist I would normally never give anyone a diet that was below 1200 calories a day but maybe with the right foods it’s not so much of a problem. We’ll see after the maintenance portion of the program.

2. Listening to your body’s hunger cues – this is a hard one for most people, women in particular, after most of us have been off and on different diets for years. We tend to dismiss or ignore our hunger when we’re on a diet, and feed ourselves during times of stress or boredom when we aren’t dieting. So being able to consume unlimited amounts of low sugar veggies and lean protein I’ve just listened to my body tell me when it’s hungry and when it’s not. This is excellent for when you are not dieting, it gets you so much more in tune with what your body really needs, which is one of the big factors in keeping the weight off.

3. My fruits and vegetables are WAY up – one of the targets I have been trying to hit for a while now and it seems easy on this diet since I can consume them in unlimited amounts. Plus with the lack of starchy carbs they are my main source of carbohydrates so my body is really needing the extra. 

4. Protein is at my target percentage too – again a target I kept trying to hit but was falling short on and now with unlimited lean protein I am easily hitting it. I’m not crazy about the fact that all my sources (except Tempeh) are animal, I don’t usually eat this much meat. But after the first 17 days I will be carb cycling so that will change for sure.


And I lost 3 lbs.! So it definitely works! One and a half week’s left to go, stay tuned next week to see how I made through.


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