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The 17 Day Diet Wrap Up

Happy Easter everyone!


Hope you all had a nice time with family and friends, we had a Good Friday brunch with our friends, a nice visit with my inlaws Sunday and Easter Monday we had our family dinner so there was lots of extra food and drinks this weekend than usual. But I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and every bite and now that it’s over I’m back on track. I personally never look at depriving myself over a holiday as an accomplishment and I’ve never understood this way of thinking. It was a few days, I indulged more than usual on sweets and alcohol but I drank my water, filled up on fruit and veg, and never ate until I was stuffed. And now I’m content to go back to eating to plan. That to me is balance. End rant 🙂


Two short work weeks in a row from Easter so I will get right to the point this week. I finished the 17 Day Diet last week before Easter and here are my final thoughts:

1. You will definitely lose weight 

I understand it’s from a combination of the foods you’re eating on this diet as well as the low calorie level but it definitely works. I lost 5 lbs. In 17 days and that’s after going with the modified plan for 5 days because of my period, so I can imagine it would have been a little higher if not for that hiccup.

2. You shouldn’t go hungry

while the food choices are limited and the calorie counts are low there is LOTS of food on this diet so if you aren’t feeling full then eat more of the unlimited foods! Really there is no excuse to go to bed with a grumbly tummy

3. Not a long term weight loss plan

this would be very hard to stick to long term. The food choices were getting quite boring the last couple days, and it’s so much meat that I was getting meat sweats!! Plus the calorie count being that low would play havoc on your metabolism if you did this plan for too long. Great for short term though!

4. All the fruits, veg and probiotics made me feel really good

Nothing beats the energy you get from eating all that produce, and fermented foods are so great for your gut health and preventing colds and flus. And since I was averaging 6 cups of fruits and veg a day, I felt like a million bucks!


So verdict is, I would highly recommend it short term, for a week or two, to get ready for an event or any time you want to drop a few pounds quickly. But overall it would not be healthy to do for a prolonged period of time. And we’ll see how I do keeping it off, only time will tell.


This week I’m taking a little break to decide what I want to do next. I will be doing my usual Intermittent Fasting 16:8 which I find really easy to follow and usually keeps me at a steady weight. Have a great week and I’ll share on Monday what I’m doing for the next few weeks!

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