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The Flat Abs Project Week 4

Week 4 is here and we’re in the home stretch!!  This is the last “official” week of the project, but I will be adding a bonus week for the week over Christmas so anyone interested can give it one last push.

I did want to share with you my own personal results so far.  Even though I had great intentions to decrease my carb intake and drastically increase my sad water intake (I only get about 1 to 2 litres per day most winters which is bad for the amount of activity I do), my diet didn’t change at all.  I haven’t changed my exercise level either, it’s pretty much the same as it usually is.  I have been doing the ab exercises diligently, I’ve only missed one per week so far, most of the time I do either the intermediate or advanced versions, once in a while if I’m short on time or my abs are killing me I’ll only do the beginner.  But like I say to all my clients, consistency is key, and after measuring my waist today, I’m down 2 inches!!!  I’m so excited by the results, they are even better than I’d hoped!  I’d love to know if everyone else is experiencing good results as well, please be proud of your accomplishment and share to inspire others.

This week, I had a request from my Dad who works out religiously (yeah Dad!) but has a bad back and can’t do crunches.  I have told you all about trying crunches on a stability ball if you feel discomfort, but if you don’t have a ball or if crunches still cause you pain, here’s an entire workout that’s challenging with no crunches at all.

Flat Abs Project Week 4

1. Strongman

Strong Man/Pin up Girl Abs

Standing with legs shoulder width apart, bend over and place your hands on your knees, back rounded in a C-curve.  Pull your abs in towards your spine and up like your trying to suck them under your rib cage.  Hold this for a count of 10, then release.  Beginners do 4 reps, intermediate 6 reps, advanced 8 reps.

2. Side Plank Hip Taps

Like the side plank from Week 1, come up on your elbow and either one bent knee for beginners, both legs straight but split for intermediate, or both legs stacked for advanced.  Hold for a beat at the top, then lower your hips to the ground tapping quickly before coming back up to side plank.  Repeat doing all reps on one side then the other.  Beginners do 8 reps, intermediate 12 reps and advanced 15 reps.

3. Windmill

Standing with legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Turn one foot out and tip over to the side, hand coming down towards the floor like in a triangle pose in yoga. Your hand doesn’t have to touch the floor, nor does your leg have to remain perfectly straight, a slight bend in the knee if you need to is fine. After reaching down as close to the floor as you can, come back up to standing, that’s one rep. Beginners do 8 reps per side, intermediate 12 reps and advanced 15 reps.

4. Surfer Pop Up

Lie on your stomach, hands under your shoulders. Push yourself up into a plank position, then jump your legs underneath you to come up in a staggered leg squat position (like you’re on a surf board). Bring your hands back down to the ground and step or jump back into plank and lower to the ground. Change the leg that’s in front for half the reps. Beginners do 10 reps total, intermediate 16 reps, and advanced 20 reps total.

5. Plank with Hip Dips

In plank position form your toes and elbows, slowly twist one hip down towards the ground, then straighten back into plank. Repeat on the other side, that’s one rep. Beginners do 8 on each side, intermediate 12 and advanced 15 on each side.

6. Russian Twist


Sit in a V-sit position with the variation that is comfortable for you (see Week 2).  While leaning back, twist your upper body to one side, then the other, remembering to twist from the waist.  Beginners do 10 reps per side, intermediate 15 reps, and advanced 20 reps.  Advanced can try adding a weight in their hands to increase the intensity.

7. V tucks

In a V-sit from week 2, feet off the ground, extend your arms and legs and lean back slightly, then come back in to v-sit.  Beginners touch your ankles when you come up and do 10 reps, intermediate do 15 reps, advanced do 20 reps.

8. Superman


Lying on your stomach with legs extended and arms over your head, lift arms and legs off the floor at the same time and hold there for a count of three, then lower.  Beginners do 8 reps, intermediate 10 and advanced 12 reps.

Flat Abs Nutrition Tip #4 Supplements

What if you’re doing everything right with your diet and exercise but the results just don’t seem to be there? You’re eating your fiber yet reducing your carbs, drinking your water but the tummy isn’t shrinking? Then it might be time to try adding in some supplements. A fiber supplement can aid in eliminating waste, digestive enzymes can reduce bloating, magnesium and a B complex vitamin can help reduce stress hormones that trigger weight gain in your stomach, and omega 3 and turmeric fight inflammation, all of which can rob you of your hard earned results. If you’d rather get these from your food and not have to rely on supplements (especially if you’re like me and often forget to take them!) then please do so! I will be posting a full article soon on all the foods you can eat to help reduce your muffin top so stay tuned.

This Thursday I’ll be doing another health recipe post on how to eat smart for the holidays, taking another one or 2 of our favorite treats and showing you how to make it healthier. So if you have any favorite holiday recipes you would like to see me make them virtually guilt free, email me at with the recipe and I’ll pick a few to make over and feature in my next healthy holidays posts!

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